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School ERP | Homework Management – A need of the time

School ERP | Homework Management – A need of the time An ERP software designed for managing schools offers a range of tools that can streamline the various processes and tasks within the institution, enabling stakeholders to carry out their duties more efficiently. By incorporating automation, improved resource management, and…
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7 Reasons – Why to Invest in School Record Management System

Maintaining records is undoubtedly a cumbersome and time-intensive responsibility for school administrators, yet the significance of these records for the school’s overall progress cannot be denied. Therefore, administrators have a choice between allocating resources to manage vast amounts of paperwork and data or streamlining the process through automation. By implementing…
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Decoding Visitor Management System For Schools

What Is Visitor Management System? A visitor management system is an essential component of a school ERP software. Today we are decoding visitor management system For Schools. It allows schools to track visitors, their purpose of visit, and their duration of stay on campus. With the increasing concern for student…
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A Quick Guide To The NEP (National Education Policy) 2023

New National Education Policy 2023: New National Education Policy 2023: The New National Education Policy is nothing short of revolutionary in the education system in India. After our education policy monotonously followed the same norms for 34 years, the Ministry of Education (formerly known as MHRD) did some serious amendments in it on 29…
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