What is UDISE feature which is going to be included in ClassMentor, our school ERP Software ?

UDISE+ (Unified District Information System for Education) is a system of online real-time data collection from schools and it was introduced by the Department of School Education and Literacy under the Ministry of Education during the period of 2018-19 to overcome the limitations related to the erstwhile practice of manual data filling in paper format. In the UDISE+ system, improvements have been made particularly in the areas related to data capture, data mapping and data verification.

The UDISE+ system collects information from all recognised and unrecognised schools imparting formal education from pre-primary to Class XII. The UDISE+ collects information through an online Data Collection Form (DCF) on parameters ranging from school, infrastructure, level of dropouts, teachers, enrolments, examination results etc. spread across 11 sections.

Information collected through the digital platform of UDISE+ helps the central and state governments to plan, optimise resource allocation and implement various education-related programs and assessments of progress made. Moreover, it contains data related to school safety, expenses, vocational education, etc.

UDISE in Detalis :

The School Education system in India is one of the largest in the world comprising more than 1.5 million schools, 8.5 million teachers and over 250 million students from varied socio economic backgrounds across 29 States and 7 Union Territories (UTS). A robust, real time and credible information collection mechanism is a prerequisite for an objective evaluation of the system, based on which specific interventions for improvement can be designed. In the early 1990s, as part of the District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) national endeavour, a school based computerised information system was designed and developed. An Education Management Information System (EMIS), called the District Information System for Education (DISE) was created for Classes I to V for planning and monitoring the implementation of DPEP in 42 districts of 7 selected States. Over the years this was extended to cover the entire elementary level of education till Class VIII. In 2008-09, with the introduction of the Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA), a separate and dedicated Secondary Education Management Information System (SEMIS) was started for Classes IX to XII. Subsequently, in 2012-13, the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) was launched by integrating the DISE for elementary education and SEMIS for secondary education.

Features Of UDISE

1- Data Capture

  • Online uploading of data
  • Traceablity and audit trail of officials uploading the data
  • Separate DCFs for each category of schools
  • Rationalization of DCF
  • Real time collection of data
  • Control and supervision

2- Data Maping 

GIS School Mapping, a new feature of UDISE+, integrates a Geo-Spatial Database with UDISE+ Data. In this application, the school is mapped onto base map services which show physical features like topography of the area where the school is located. There are numerous ways in which the GIS mapping of schools can help to improve the quality of education. One of these is in the field of school consolidation which is now being considered in cases where a large number of small, unviable schools co-exist within a very small physical area.

3- Data Verification

In order to ensure accuracy of data provided through UDISE+, an application (App) for Third Party Verification is one of the features of the UDISE+. This App can be installed in any smart phone and can be used for on the spot verification of data provided by schools on UDISE+.

4 – Data Analysis

Creating a strong data base of schools would be meaningful only if it is followed by a proper analysis of the datacollected and conversion of data into information that can be used for evidence-based decisionsand policy making. With the huge amount (Volume) of data generated by one of the world’s largest school education system, the diverse facets (Variety) of the information and the speed of data (Velocity) enabled by an efficient and seamless real time information gathering system, the stage would be set for applications of big data management and analytics in this sector. The data analytics section of UDISE+ will be powered by an automated programe which will generate State and UT wise real time reports of parameters relating to the school education system. Trends, patterns and relationships will be identified. The system would also be able to cater to query based reports and charts as and when required. It will have inbuilt feature of tracking and correlating physical progress vis-a-vis financial outlays. Time series and cross sectional analysis of the data will also be enabled by the system.

Advantages of UDICE feature in Classmentor ?

UDISE, or the Unified District Information System for Education, is a unique feature of CLASSMENTOR, a flagship product of Neksoft consultancy Services that can offer numerous benefits for schools. By using the UDISE form feature, schools can efficiently collect and store data related to students, teachers, staff, infrastructure, and other aspects of their operations.

The primary advantage of the UDISE form feature is that it helps schools to maintain accurate and up-to-date records. This can assist school administrators in making informed decisions and developing effective policies. Additionally, schools can use the data collected through the UDISE form to monitor their performance and identify areas that need improvement.

Furthermore, the UDISE form feature can help schools to comply with government regulations and reporting requirements. By having a comprehensive database of information, schools can easily generate reports and submit them to the relevant authorities.

Overall, the UDISE form feature is a powerful tool that can benefit schools in numerous ways. By using this feature, schools can improve their operations, enhance their decision-making capabilities, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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