In today’s technologically advanced world, people are increasingly adopting new technologies to simplify their daily lives. This has resulted in technology playing a crucial role in improving the education sector, with schools adopting and nurturing new technologies to enhance students’ learning patterns. These advancements include incorporating virtual reality in classrooms, digitizing classrooms with devices such as iPads and iMacs, and introducing gamification and visual learning techniques. Additionally, school management has been made more efficient with the use of student ERP software, which serves as a digital report card and tracks students’ full academic journey.

The significance of utilizing School ERP software for effective school management cannot be overstated. In order to comprehend what School ERP software entails, it is important to note that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP systems are specifically designed to streamline organizational processes by storing, managing, and analyzing data sources. In the context of schools, ERP software is designed to automate the management of academic data by storing information on students, teachers, and other academics centrally in a digital format.

How school ERP Manage data for schools?

School ERP software offers a range of features and tools that facilitate the transition from paper-based processes to digital processes. By storing school data in secure databases, ERP software enables easy access to insights from the data and provides useful information to the administration, which in turn aids in making transparent decisions. School ERP software effectively manages all departments, divisions, classes, students, and staff under one seamless digital platform.

Here are some ways School ERP software’s helps parents in knowing students academic details and help to improve his progress too.

1. Improves Student-Teacher-Parents Collaboration

Creating a collaborative learning environment can significantly enhance students’ growth both academically and personally. Utilizing the messaging and communication methods within School ERP software, parents and teachers can more easily track and maintain students’ progress on the right path. By adopting the appropriate approach, parents and teachers can maximize students’ potential and guide them towards the right focus areas.

2. Attendance Insights

School ERP software’s online attendance features make it easier to track and gain insights into student attendance, increasing transparency and visibility. Additionally, ERP software allows attendance reports to be sent through mobile apps and provides notifications for absent students. Parents with smartphone access can also receive SMS alerts regarding their child’s absence.

3. Parents Mobile App

Having a mobile app for ERP software enhances a school’s communication methods, with advanced software like Classmentor providing comprehensive insights into school management and student progress. Parent mobile apps keep users informed about upcoming school notices and events, and enable them to track all school-related activities of their children, including exam timetables, results, homework assignments, class timetables, and fees submission.

4. Students Report Cards

Periodic testing of students’ knowledge and grasping skills is essential for every school. School ERP software simplifies the process of creating and managing exams and their results. Teachers can create multiple exams and distribute timetables to students and parents. Teachers can also input exam marks through the teacher app, providing parents with regular updates on their child’s academic progress.

5. Multiple child support

Only a select few ERP solutions provide these features, but with advanced ERP software and parent apps, parents can track the progress of multiple children across different institutes in a single app. This enables parents to conveniently monitor all information regarding their children’s academic progress and school activities within a single app.

6. Upcoming events notices

If you have ever missed a parent-teacher meeting or any special event in your child’s academic journey, fear not. With School ERP software’s notice circular feature, users receive notifications and SMS alerts on their phones prior to the scheduled event. Additionally, parents can also check for upcoming events through the parent app.

7. Simplifying Student Fees

Parents living in cities often struggle to find the time to visit their child’s school, but school ERP software’s help to keep them connected with the school management. With advanced parent apps, parents can now pay school fees online using a range of payment methods such as UPI, net banking, credit or debit card. Paying school fees has never been easier. Parents can view the complete fee structure of their child’s school by academic year, and the app provides regular reminders for pending fees. Additionally, fees can be easily viewed by category, including transport, library, and stationary fees, providing a comprehensive overview of the school’s yearly charges.

8. School bus Tracking

Do you always find yourself waiting at the bus stop for your child’s school bus? What if you could access the live location of the bus? With Classmentor’s student app, you can track the live location of the school bus and arrive at the bus stop on time or even a few minutes early. You’ll never miss the school bus again, and you can track the bus’s distance and estimated time of arrival at your stop. Parents can also stay informed about any delays or changes in pickup time, track the bus route, and monitor its location all from their smartphone.

9. Gallery Support

School ERP software’s photo-video storage allows parents to access photos and videos of school events through their parent’s app. This eliminates the need for parents to fight with school organizations for their kids’ photos and videos. Parents can easily view and download event photos for offline viewing without compromising on photo quality due to WhatsApp’s compression mechanism. In addition, schools no longer need to display school photos and videos on social media platforms like Facebook, ensuring that they remain private and secure.

10. Students data security

Cloud-based ERP software’s store students’ academic details, documents, photos, videos, personal information, and financial details in a centralized data center. Cloud based ERP software’s provides data security, availability for organization data. Check our blog on the benefits of using cloud-based school ERP software’s.

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