School ERP | Homework Management – A need of the time

An ERP software designed for managing schools offers a range of tools that can streamline the various processes and tasks within the institution, enabling stakeholders to carry out their duties more efficiently. By incorporating automation, improved resource management, and increased data accessibility, this software can significantly reduce costs and simplify operations.

Additionally, school management applications, both online and offline, can be utilized for various day-to-day activities, including homework management. Many school ERPs come equipped with this feature and one of those is Classmentor ERP Software, enabling users to manage homework submissions digitally. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of incorporating a homework module or management system into school management software.

Features of Homework Module

Homework module is an integrated functionality in a school administration and management system. It works in coordination with other available features and modules to optimize the working within a class. Some of the salient features of the module are:

  • Homework Management & Assignment
    Teachers can assign homework to students online. Automatically the system shoots a notification to the student’s mobile app and portal to notify the student of the assigned homework from the particular teacher or of the subject.
  • Regular & Vacation Homework
    Schools often give larger assignments to students during summer or winter vacations. The homework module can help in planning the timeline for homework assignment completion and submissions. It can easily segregate between regular homework and vacation homework.
  • Homework Report
    Once the students submit their homework to the teacher, the teacher can download the document and assess it. Also, the system shares a homework report with the teacher wherein the teacher can see who has submitted the homework and who is left.
  • Resubmission
    A teacher can provide necessary remarks to a student’s homework and also ask the student for a resubmission of the assignment digitally. A student would automatically receive a notification regarding resubmission and it can use the student portal to resubmit the assignment for the teacher to check.

Wrapping Up

Classmentor school management systems are gaining immense popularity due to the ease they provide to schools in managing their various operations. If you are yet to implement a school management system now is the best time. It would help you automate most tasks in the school and improve your management. Furthermore, repetitive time-consuming tasks such as homework management can be easily streamlined. If you are interested, request a school management demo with our ERP expert and learn how you can be benefited.

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