With exams currently underway, schools can benefit greatly from using a School Management System (SMS) to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Real-time updates and easy data management can improve outcomes and enhance the learning experience.Perhaps you’ve attempted to access the grades of a student who recently passed an exam? It’s likely you have, but it can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Manually sifting through documents can be challenging, and there’s always the possibility that the records have been lost or misplaced. However, with an automated Student Management System (SMS), such complications can be avoided.

In the past, educational institutions had to resort to files, spreadsheets, and word documents to maintain a proper database of students. However, with the introduction of student management systems, schools can now effortlessly keep track of students’ records, grades, and other essential details, and manage administrative operations like attendance, exams, and activities. These systems centralize all student data, simplifying the management process for schools.

Exam management is one of the painstaking tasks for all types of educational institutes. Whether you manage a school, college, or coaching institute, accurate exam management is essential. Right from room allocations, assigning supervisors, assessment, and publishing results, the entire process is a bit complex.

However, if you have a school ERP system, exam management becomes a more straightforward and trouble-free process. The school management software allows efficient exam management for your educational institute. Additionally, the ERP system also streamlines other functions such as attendance taking, fee management, real-time analytics, schedule updates, homework details, and so on.

In this article, we are binging the information that will guide you through efficient exam management with the school ERP system.


The exam management function is designed to simplify the examination process for administrators. By using an automated system that incorporates data, administrators can easily organize and conduct exams. The exam module in the school management software allows for the configuration of classes, exam subjects, student IDs, and exam rules. This internet-based software also reduces errors and provides clear validation.

With the exam management function, teachers and administrative personnel can quickly enter and manage final marks, create merit lists, customize marks sheets, and issue certificates or reports. Results are easily accessible to teachers, students, and parents from anywhere and at any time. The entire process is efficient and takes place in a timely manner with the help of the ERP system.

Overall, the ERP system assists in managing daily operations and administration smoothly, which is essential in today’s digital world. By implementing cloud-based solutions and delivering quality education, schools can improve their management processes, branding, and enrollment numbers. Upgrading to the latest technology is crucial for schools to prepare their students for the tech-savvy world.

Features Of School Examination Management Module:
  • It assigns subjects and optional subjects.
  • It helps to make grade profiles.
  • It makes the exam timetables in one go.
  • Mark’s entry is available through the software as well as through the mobile app. 
  • Generates reports easily according to the CCE grading system. 
  • Forming various co-scholastic areas and their marks-entry is also possible with a few clicks.  
  • Timetables are designed according to the subjects, curriculum, and education board that the school is affiliated with. 
  • It also assigns exam duty to the teachers. 
  • Teachers can upload the marks and the results of the child on the parent’s app. 
  • Generates consolidate results, including skill assessment. 
Benefits of School Management System :
  • It saves a lot of time for teachers.
  • It gives sufficient time for students to prepare.
  • Teachers update the exam timetable on the mobile app.
  • Parents can help the child with exams in a better way.
  • Prepares error-free schedules.
  • Improves the performance of students, makes their base strong.
  • Parents can plan vacations, according to the schedule of exams.
  • Teachers can easily enter marks from the comfort of their homes.
  • Teachers can easily edit or update the scores.
  • Result generation does not take time. 
  • Results generated do not have calculation errors.
  • Results for all standards can be declared on the same day. 
  • Saves a lot of paper that otherwise is used for marks entry and calculations. 
  • Parents and students can see the results on the mobile app even when they are not in the town. 

The advantages are unlimited and online school software makes exams, no more a burden for the stakeholders of the school, who are parents, teachers, students, and school administration.

The exam schedule is sent to the parents who need not worry about misplacing the timetable schools give through the print paper.

Teachers can also see the exam timetable and their duty accordingly in the mobile app of CLASSMENTOR.
In case a teacher has an exam duty, but due to unforeseen situations she cannot attend it, she can immediately notify the school through the mail option in the teacher app, and the school can assign a proxy teacher on behalf of her.

Timetable for exams can be made at the beginning of the academic session that will help schools to align their events, annual functions, and programs accordingly. It will also help to prepare a proper outline and planning lessons according to the curriculum.

When exam schedules are prepared for the complete session right in the beginning, it makes teaching and learning both easy and fun. It will neither be a headache for students or teachers.

The examination module of CLASSMENTOR School Management Software is very helpful for schools and colleges. It gives assurance to parents, students, and teachers that schools and colleges are dedicated to improving the standard of education.

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